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Heritage Prime Pet
For the Love of Pets

We want to introduce you to a new top nutritional choice for your dog.  It's called Heritage Prime Pet.  We are proud to offer this as a top choice in dog food to keep your dog eating what they were meant to eat, and give them the best chance at a healthy life.

Heritage Prime Story

This past year we just weren’t completely satisfied with what we were feeding our dogs from a dog food company.  We wanted to be confident, enthusiastic, and completely trusting of what we feed our dogs.  We wanted to know exactly what went into it,  and that it had only ingredients our dogs needed to thrive.  Some food may sound healthy, but we learned some may not.  They fill their food with things that have too many unhealthy calories, have too many fruits, vegetables, or fats that will make dogs gain unhealthy weight. 

We wanted to oversee the whole process, so we hired one of the best canine nutritionists in the country who specializes in feeding dogs a raw diet.  We asked her to create a complete, well-balanced, all-natural, AFFCO compliant, healthy raw food that dogs would love. What she came up with is nothing short of remarkable. There is literally nothing like it on the market today.

What makes Heritage Prime the best choice for your dog?


  • It contains only human-grade, high-quality proteins, never scrap meat.

  • Every ingredient is all-natural and completely bio-available to your dog’s digestive system.

    This means that they easily absorb all the nutrition without any digestive issues.

  • Each blend exceeds AAFCO standards which means it is a complete and balanced meal

    for your dog. There is never a need to supplement with anything else.

  • Heritage Prime is prepared in an FDA and USDA inspected facility. 

  • It also comes in convenient 16 oz packages which will fit better in your freezer, thaw faster

    in your fridge, and makes for handier serving sizes.



We’ve worked hard to provide you with a premium product at an affordable price.

Working with local suppliers and manufacturers we’ve been able to hone down the price to a point where it just makes sense to feed it to your dog. You’re not going to find better quality at a better price anywhere!


If you’re anything like us and were tired of the messiness, you’re going to love this new food. Many of our customers were not satisfied with the messy nature of that food when it thawed out.  Heritage Prime is different.  You’ll notice the difference the first time you thaw it!

Another benefit of Heritage Prime is that we are blending it locally.  This means no shipping delays as it is not trucked from a distance.   As you know, there have been supply-chain issues due to covid that have affected shipping of almost everything.  We also experienced these supply chain issues getting products here and then to you.  Producing it locally also means that we get to oversee sourcing, blending, and packaging which ensures that you will always get a premium product you can trust.

You may be wondering, “How are dogs enjoying our new blend?”   Well, we have been feeding it to our dogs now for the past 6 weeks and have been blown away by the results!


Here are some quick highlights:
• Our most picky eaters gobble it up with gusto.

  • Sasha, our oldest female, experienced increased energy and significant relief from her

    arthritis... after just three days on the new food!

  • Daizy, a lethargic 7-year-old Maltese, turned into a puppy again and is literally jumping for

    joy now at mealtime!

  • Charlie, an older dog with a severe cough had his cough reduced by half.

  • All our dogs are loving it, displaying more energy, and have healthier and shinier coats


You may also be curious, “How was the transition process?”   Well, here at Classic Heritage, we just switched to Heritage Prime without any problems.  The only thing we noticed was that a couple of our dogs were a little gassy for a couple of days.  According to our nutritionist, this is a good sign and shows that they were finally getting the right amount of fiber and their GI track was getting a much-needed cleanse.

For now, orders will continue to be made through our site but will transition to our new site which is almost completed.  For your convenience, you can also choose to pick up your order directly from us which will cut down on shipping costs.

We can’t wait to hear the stories of how much you and your dog love Heritage Prime. If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach out to us at


You’re not going to find better quality at a better price anywhere!


We are greatly encouraged by the results!

Our most picky eaters gobble it up!

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