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Created to be the best dog food, period.

Our Rancher's and Hunter's Blends were created to be the best dog food available, period.

See the above tab "About Heritage Prime Pet" to find out more about this outstanding food.

We will not be restocking the former branded food but will add more protein blends shortly.

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How much do I feed my dog

We have a table to help you order the correct amount, but it is approximately 2-2.5% of the dog's optimal weight. Puppies and juniors are different so check the table,  click to our portion page.  (click here) 

Will my dog get sick starting a new raw diet?

There will be a transition time to adjust your dog to the new food, but we do not anticipate the food to cause health problems due to this type of raw diet.

Won't my dog get sick eating raw food?

The gastric acidity of the stomach of a dog eating a diet predominantly made up of raw meat is very acidic with a PH of 2 or lower (relative to the level of meat protein.) This highly acidic environment favours the breakdown of raw meats and raw bones into soft digestible material.

Through research and trials, we have concluded as a breeder that the best nutritional choice is a biologically appropriate raw diet. Our research has painted a discouraging view of the dog food industry. Although we won't condemn those feeding dried dog food, we do not feel that it is the healthiest canine diet. Feeding a dried kibble did not fill our goal of providing the best option as a breeder, so we now advise dog owners to choose a raw food diet for their dog. 


We really appreciate the information granted from this site.  If you have a question about raw food from a source that is not explaining everything, please take a look here:

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