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At Heritage Prime Pet we are committed to giving you the best raw dog food, nutritionally balanced and conveniently delivered to your door in our easy-to-store, easy-to-thaw and easy-to-open packaging.

Our Hunter’s Puppy Blend is formulated for growing puppies under 12 months old and is also suitable for large breeds.

Ingredients: Turkey thigh meat & skin, turkey neck with bone, duck heart, sardine, duck liver, cauliflower pearls, blueberries, ionic manganese, natural vitamin E, and organic kelp powder.

Take the stress out of figuring out what nutrition your puppy needs to thrive. We do all the work for you! All of our meals are formulated to meet or exceed AAFCO nutritional standards. This means you don’t need to worry abut adding anything else to your pup’s diet.

Hunter’s Puppy Blend

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